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 Trips  (Including Cabo)  


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Summer Parties, Skiing, & Football Games | Fraternity Councils | Los Cabos 

Summer "State Parties"

Phi Kappa Psi Texas Beta Chapter at Blue Mesa, Dallas 2007

During the summer parties are sometimes held at nice venues in one or more major Texas cities.
Brothers and girls come in for a weekend from across the state, and prospective members are invited.

We have other summer activities such as this Guadalupe River float and campout.



     Each winter one or more ski trips are organized by interested brothers, so there is generally an opportunity for any interested member to go. Favorite places are Breckenridge, CO,  and Ruidosa, NM.

Tech Out-Of-Town Football

     Brothers take road trips to some of the out-of-town football games during the Fall,  especially to those nearby schools that have Phi Psi chapters, such as Oklahoma  and UT.

Fraternity Councils

     Brothers attend several fraternity councils which have social activities and are a lot of fun even though their primary purposes are more serious. The Grand Arch Council, or GAC, held in even numbered years is the supreme governing body of the fraternity, and every chapter sends delegates. The District Councils, held in odd numbered years, are where we elect the undergraduate delegates to the fraternity's Executive Council, and are usually held at the same location as the Woodrow Wilson Leadership School. The last three years these were held in San Diego, Las Vegas, and New Orleans.

Phi Kappa Psi Grand Arch Council parade, New Orleans, 2006 Phi Kappa Psi GAC reception, New Oreleans, 2006

Los Cabos, Mexico

     Having saved the best for the last, we come to Cabo. No fraternity at Tech can boast they have an international home like Phi Psi. We are fortunate to have access to amazing facilities in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, which we use for several purposes. These facilities are about half way between Cabo San Lucas and the nearby San Jose del Cabo, the location of the international airport. Phi Psi's from our chapter travel there for one of several reasons

  • American Leadership Academy training sessions at spring break.
  • Just for fun.

     Whatever the reason, we have a blast. Undergraduates usually stay at a hotel on the beach, the Marbella Suites En La Playa, at low or no charge.

Breakfast at Jerry Nelson estate, Los Cabos, Mexico Cabo Alpha - Marbella Suites En La Playa, Cabo, BCS, Mexico

ROW 1: A. Fish we caught.  B. Strange goings-on at a local nightspot.
ROW 2: Dinner cruise on the bay on the 37-foot motor catamaran "Rissalena" . B. View from Casa Florencia on the Nelson estate.
ROW 3: Breakfast at the estate; Florence Nelson at lower left; Jerry Nelson at upper right. B. View from Marbella Suites En La Playa (Cabo Alpha)

Phi Psi table at El Squid Roe, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico     Phi Psi's influence in Cabo San Lucas gets us the best table permanently reserved at the popular night spot, "El Squid Roe."

     (Similar to most countries, Mexico has a minimum legal drinking age of 18.)

    Phi Kappa Psi TX Beta,1406 Orlando Ave, Lubbock TX 79416  Contact

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