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 Social and Alcohol  


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Lubbock Area Socials | About Alcohol

Lubbock Area Socials

 Here is a sampling of the events that we have held  in the last few years. (We don't have pictures here of everything.)

  • Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 stuff

    2012 - 2013 Social Calendar (possibly missing a few events)
    • FALL BID DAY CELEBRATION at New Town -Aug 25, 2012
    • Northwestern State Demons game tailgate -Sep 1, 2012
      ("Tailgates" = cookouts in a parking lot near the stadium.
      Party often continues after the game at the lodge.)
    • Olympic Village costume party -Sep 22, 2012
    • FOAM Party (with Theta Xi) -Oct 5, 2012
    • New Mexico Lobos game tailgate -Sep 15, 2012
    • Oklahoma Sooners game tailgate -Oct 6, 2012
    • ANNUAL HOMECOMING BANQUET, Combined with TTU Awards Banquet,
      at McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center -Oct 12, 2012
    • West Virginia Mountaineers game tailgate ĖOct 13, 2012
    • Delta Gamma Sorority mixer
    • Pledge Retreat at Lake Alan Henry
    • Texas Longhorns-game tailgate -Nov 3, 2012
    • Kansas Jayhawks game tailgate -Nov 10, 2012
    • Paint Party (with Theta Xi) -Apr 20, 2012

      {Intramural sports events are not listed.}

  • Caesar's Palace toga party Fall 2009. It was a a big success.

  • Homecoming Float Fall 2010-- we were teamed with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. (In 2008 we teamed with Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and in  2004 we teamed with Miller Girls service sorority.)

Texas Tech Homecoming 2008 Phi Kappa Psi and Alpha Delta Pi float

.Texas Tech Homecoming 2004 Phi Kappa Psi and Miller Girls float

  • Homecoming Steak Dinner with returning young and old alumni and their dates or wives. This is held the Friday night before the homecoming game. There is also a game day barbecue at the lodge or in campus parking lots.


  • RaiderGate tailgate parties in a campus parking lot before each home football game . We have a large smoker on a trailer and fly our flag. There is a band. (This photo of a couple of the brothers wearing their white football oxfords with fraternity and Tech insignia appeared on the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal website.)

Two Phi Kappa Psi Texas Beta chapter brothers at Texas Tech RaiderGate

  • Phi Psi Wartime originated as a sendoff party for our Brothers In Arms who were returning to overseas duty. Here are some 2009 shots:

  • Pledge Mixer with Delta Gamma sorority pledges.

  • Hell Raiser Halloween costume party.

  • South Pacific Beach Party. This is a big hit. In 2008 the events started with a coat-and-tie-dinner the night before and extended day and night the next day. The backyard is decorated with reed huts. There is a live band. The chapter room some years was a sea of Styrofoam peanuts. In 2008  and 2009 we had a small outdoor pool.

    South Pacific party, Texas Tech

    Phi Kappa Psi Texas Beta chapter South Pacific party set


  • Pig Roast at the lodge. Dig a pit; build a fire; roast a pig-- remembering the meat thermometer.

  • Parents Weekend luncheon.

  • Casino and Cocktails Semi-Formal Party. There are dealers and gaming tables and old time music (Frank Sinatra), part of the time.

Phi Kappa Psi Texas Beta chapter Casino Party couples at table

  • Foam Party. This was held jointly with another fraternity in the Depot District. A foam machine filled a room with foam. Fun.

Phi Kappa Psi and Theta Xi Foam Party 2005

  • UT Weekend party. Held when we played the University of Texas in football. Some brothers from our UT chapter were here. Yes, we had a mechanical bull.

    Mechanical bull

  • West Texas Shootout  for which we partnered with another fraternity for two years now also had a mechanical bull and a live band.

  • Founders Day Banquet in February at a country club with dates and alumni.

Phi Kappa Psi Texas South Plains Alumni at Dallas Royal Oaks CC

  • Bid Night Party. This is a pretty wild night. One year we held a joint event with two other fraternities in the Depot District. Usually we have a party in the lodge with a DJ.

  • Brotherhood retreats to nearby White River Lake, or similar locale, once each semester after the induction of a new pledge class.

Some new and different events are held each year !

If there isnít a major party going on, there is always something to do on the weekends after the studying is through.  Itís hard to find the lodge empty on any given weekend.  Also, there are numerous actives with apartments and houses

A bottom line pleasure is hanging out with your fraternity brothers-- getting better acquainted, talking about women, planning, rejoicing, complaining, philosophizing, tossing a football, double dating, studying, watching the tube....

About Alcohol

When alcohol is served at fraternity functions we exercise precautions. At larger gatherings peace officers are normally hired to limit entry to invited guests, and a state-issued identification is checked to determine age. Persons meeting the minimum legal drinking age requirement have identifying wrist bands attached that cannot be removed without destroying them. Younger persons may have their hand marked. Only persons with proof of age are eligible to for alcoholic beverages. Chapter funds are not used to purchase the alcoholic beverages; individuals who wish to partake provide funds and arrange for purchase. Non-drinking drivers are designated to be available to insure safe transportation of members and guests who have been drinking.

     Our  lodge is "wet," that is, the legal possession and consumption of alcohol is permitted in the lodge, just as in apartments and houses. Some of the Tech fraternity lodges are wet, and some are dry. Fraternities with dry lodges generally have alcoholic beverages at events but have to rent other, less controlled, locations for those events.

     Exercising self control and behaving appropriately while enjoying a social occasion where alcohol is served are skills that we believe should be learned when transitioning to manhood. The fraternity provides a relatively protected environment for this.

     Incidentally, we have a few traditional student drinking songs. There are links to some of these at the end of this site.

     On the other hand, drinking is not required for participation, enjoyment, and benefit from our fraternity. Generally we have some brothers who are what used to be called "teetotalers", guys who drink no alcohol at all.

     We use online alcohol danger awareness training that all initiates of the fraternity are required to complete.  We are well aware of possible consequences of collegiate drinking.

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