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 Community Service


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You may participate in some enjoyable and rewarding community philanthropic projects as a member of  Phi Psi that make you more inclined to do such things throughout life.  We feel  that developing an attitude of wanting to help others is part of growing up.

Phi Psi is not primarily a service fraternity but has a history of service. There is a traditional story that our founders got the idea for forming the fraternity when nursing some friends in a typhoid or flu epidemic. That story may be apocryphal, however service is a tradition in the fraternity, and a phrase often heard is "The great joy of serving others." In 2002 Phi Kappa Psi embarked on a national service initiative titled The Phi Psi 500 which calls for each chapter to put forth 500 man hours of hands-on service, or equivalent, per year. 

A 2009 Phi Kappa Psi community service activity was helping to build a house for Habitat For Humanity.

Texas Tech Greeek Week team Phi Kappa PsiSometimes you will participate in collaboration with sororities or other fraternities. On of these activities is participation in Greek Week events, shown at right, which raise money for charity.

In November 2007 Phi Psi sponsored a TTU sorority croquet tournament to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs. The tournament took place in Urbanovsky Park. Eighty-four young ladies representing the various sororities  participated in this successful event, and the participants as well as the brothers of Phi Psi enjoyed the tournament greatly..

Phi Kappa Psi charity croquet tournament at Texas Tech

Here are a couple of pictures of the Delta Gamma philanthropy event in which we participated early in the year. What's going on here? (It's the Delta Gamma Anchor Splash event to raise money for Women's Protective Services.)

We help out the Boys and Girls Club of America. Around 2004 the national fraternity partnered with them with the idea of chapters providing support. In the fall of 2006 we provided a local chapter with a 60" TV. Weekly some of the brothers go to the club and interact with the kids, maybe playing some games

.Boys and Girls Club service project by Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at Texas Tech

From time to time we take on unique community service projects. Over the past few years

  • We have taken kids to football games several times on Tech's Take A Kid To The Game Day.
  • We have participated in the Greek Treat Halloween program the last couple of years.
  • We participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life---It's a fun-filled overnight event designed to raise money for research, etc.. Teams  gather at a route on  the Tech campus and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.
  • Each year we collect and donate clothing, canned goods, etc. to the Salvation Army / Goodwill Industries / Food Bank.
  • One morning In April of 2005 the chapter helped a young disabled woman and her two daughters get their yard cleaned up.

Ms. Ivey and her daughter stand with the brothers as the job nears completion.

Phi Kappa Psi TX Beta,1406 Orlando Ave, Lubbock TX 79416  Contact

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