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 Phi Psi Rush


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(See also  our membership inquiry form for information or to express your interest in Phi Kappa Psi.)
Phi Kappa Psi

At Texas Tech University we have fraternity recruitment, also called rush, near the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters. The fall rush activity is much larger and usually longer. There are two types of rush, Formal Rush and Open Rush, that operate more or less in parallel. IFC Pre-rush Barbecue.

Formal Rush is organized by the the Texas Tech Interfraternity Council (IFC) and lasts about a week, with several rounds of social events. As a rushee in Formal Rush you can visit every fraternity at Tech in the first days. In later rounds both the you and the fraternities narrow down your  choices, with you having to select, for example, first 6, then 4, then 2 fraternities to visit again. Then is Bid Day, when you attend a meeting and can accept an invitation, called a bid, to pledge a fraternity. (Bids are given confidentially.)

Phi Psi Lodge Ready for rushees to arrive.     Dress is casual in the early rounds. The events will be at fraternity lodges and other locations. If needed, bus transportation will be provided to the first round events. One day is an "activity day" when things like volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, foosball, pool, etc. are available. Food may be served at the later round events. Dress for the final day events is coat and tie. You will be given complete information.

     In order to participate in formal rush you must register and pay a fee of about $40. Registration can be done online at the Tech Interfraternity Council (IFC) web page 

Rushees prepare to receive bids.

You must also attend a rush convocation at the beginning of rush at which rush procedures and rules will be explained. .


     An outline of the Fall 2013 formal rush schedule is at .

Open rush is conducted by individual fraternities and involves getting to know prospects and inviting them to fraternity functions. Open rush is much more relaxed, and invitations to social events and other activities are more individualized. Then you may be invited to pledge the fraternity. Open rush may start and continue at any time, including in the summer, but ends about a week after formal rush.

     In order to participate in open rush you should let a fraternity know you are  interested, generally by communicating with a member or pledge (see below).

    The formal and open rushees who accept bids are called a pledge class and are formally inducted in a pledging ceremony within a few days. 

Membership qualifications for Phi Kappa Psi at Texas Tech include good academic standing in the university; talent, ambition, and good moral character; plus sociability, a desire to be a lifelong active participant in such a fraternal organization, and of course compatibility with the current membership. (A unanimous vote is required for admission.) Phi Psi has members of many different ethnicities and religious beliefs.

Submit an inquiry for more information about Phi Psi at Texas Tech and/or to let us know you may be interested in membership.

Phi Kappa Psi TX Beta,1406 Orlando Ave, Lubbock TX 79416  Contact

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