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 Phi Psi Pledgeship


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Although rigorous, Phi Psi pledgeship is completed in slightly over half a semester to insure time for study. As a pledge you will get to know your fellow pledges and the chapter brothers, learn about the fraternity history, traditions, organizations, and activities. You will demonstrate your willingness and ability to participate in chapter responsibilities while maintaining a satisfactory grade average; and you will confirm for yourself that Phi Psi is right for you. The pledge class elects its own officers.

Pledge Pin     As a pledge you will receive a copy of The Manual of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, receive instruction from the fraternity educator, often referred to as the pledge trainer (and other terms), and be given weekly tests over assigned materials. (The pledge education program is guided by an outline worked out nationally.)

     The pledge class will help maintain the lodge and take on a project to help improve it. Each pledge must visit with each of the brothers who is in good standing with the chapter, with the aim of getting to know each other.

    You will attend chapter social events and athletic and philanthropic activities. There usually are some pledge class social events, sometimes with sorority pledges.

    You will be paired with a "big brother" in the chapter, a brother who will advise and help you in fraternity and college matters. Your preference is the primary consideration in determining who this brother will be.

     During the pledge period the brothers discuss the pledges' progress, and appropriate feedback may be passed on to individual pledges. At the conclusion of the pledge period the brothers take  one last vote. Phi Kappa Psi follows the principle of "unit rule," meaning that there must be unanimous support for each man to be initiated into our fraternity. There generally are no surprises. Such a rigorous selection ensures that every man in Phi Psi is deserving of the title "Brother". 

Dangerous, illegal, hazing is not a part of the pledge experience, and such behavior is not tolerated. In fact, Phi Kappa Psi took a stand against such practices back in 1868 at its Grand Arch Council in Cincinnati OH, and later the March 30, 1894, issue of the New York Times wrote about Phi Kappa Psi, "For the first time in the history of college fraternities, one of such bodies has put itself upon record as opposed to hazing."

You would not want to join a fraternity that had no pledgeship. This is the conclusion of essentially everyone who has successfully completed it. It is a time when you get to know a lot of people, have a lot of fun, and know that you are joining a fraternity whose members really belong there.  Most guys look back at pledgeship as one of their better times in college.

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