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More on Texas Beta | ΦΚΨ Creeds | ΦΚΨ Chapters | More on ΦΚΨ | Miscellaneous

More on Texas Beta

Los Cabos, Mexico

There are Cabo slide show, participant photos, video, maps, and more and earlier Cabo trip descriptions of visits to brother Jerry Nelson's Cabo estate and environs. (opens new browser window).

The American Leadership Academy hold leadership development sessions for Phi Psi's in Los Cabos during Spring break and other times. 


Texas Beta has been accredited in the Phi Kappa Psi chapter accreditation program, which requires the submission of annual reports evidencing compliance with certain criteria:

  • Compliance with ideals of our Ritual.
  • GPA above 2.5 and above the all-men’s average.
  • Chapter size above the campus average and above 35.
  • Strong campus and community presence.
  • Strong organization capable of perpetuating itself.
  • Fraternity education program that stresses assimilation and tradition.
  • Sound finances.
  • Active chapter advisor, faculty advisor, and chapter advisory committee.
  • Competitive housing and an alumni corporation.
  • Risk management and building maintenance programs.
  • Code of conduct and member expectations.


The chapter online event calendar includes university, social, and intramural athletic events.

Intramural Standings

 TTU Greek Intramural Standings are online. (Some digging may be required.)

Texas Beta Websites

Recruitment Overview Website (this website)
Webmaster:  David A. Jones
Creation date:  January 2007
Change Log
Hosting: Courtesy of Brian Carr, PhD, Wired Brush Digital Designs.

Comment: 12 long pages plus some adjunct Cabo photos and historical pages.
Alumni Website
Webmaster: Brian Carr, PhD
Creation date:  c. 2000
Hosting: Courtesy of Brian Carr, PhD, Wired Brush Digital Designs.

Comment: Contains alumni directory & search, alumni association and house corporation data, historical chapter information, video interviews, past Phi Psi Rag newsletters, Phi Psi songs (mp3), famous Phi Psis, etc.

Texas Beta Chapter Historian Websites / Videos

2009 Online Video
Webmaster: Matt Smith
Creation date: 2009 (in progress)
Hosting: You Tube
2008 Website (incomplete)
Webmaster: Jason Hays
Creation date: 2008
Hosting: Texas Tech University
Comment: Planned coverage was ambitious.
2007 Highlights Website (obsolete)
Webmaster: Kyle Keltz
Creation date: 2007
Hosting: As a sub-site of
Comment: Created primarily for Fall 2007 rush using a free, temporary, URL.

Alumni Organizations

Two Phi Psi organizations primarily serve Texas Beta graduates—
  • Texas South Plains Alumni Association (TSPAA) is based in Lubbock TX but has events as far away as Dallas and Mexico
  • Texas Beta House Corporation 
Other  associations throughout the world also welcome any Phi Psi's who are living in their area.

Phi Kappa Psi Creeds

Phi Kappa Psi governing bodies have adopted two creeds, the best known and most recent one being called The Creed of Phi Kappa Psi.

Lists of Phi Kappa Psi Chapters

A List of Phi Kappa Psi chapters & their websites is online with dates of founding, total membership, historical references, and notable facts.

We have a great variety of chapters in Phi Psi--

Very large size and moderate size;
Housed in mansions and housed in cottages;
Politically very conservative and politically more liberal;
Racially uniform and racially very diverse;
With outstanding physiques and with outstanding minds

All united by a common bond of ideals and brotherhood that shows up especially at fraternity councils.

Here are the chapter street and e-mail addresses grouped by state
(postal abbreviation and name)     


More on Phi Kappa Psi

National Websites

National Headquarters

Phi Kappa Psi Foundation

Songs (mp3)

 Noble Fraternity is our primary song, a hymn, and we won an interfraternity competition with this performance of it in a 1958 . (It's in mp3 format, and a little scratchy.)

Amici is our traditional closing song. The phrase, "Amici usque-- ad aras!" in the lyrics means, "Continuing friendship-- until death!" (literally, 'the pyre')." This phrase is also one of our mottos.

Quimbambuli is a song about our unofficial drink, a hot wine and rum concoction (which we never make.). Other traditional student drinking songs include the Phi Psi Toast (mp3).

We have a couple of sweetheart songs and a fraternity song book full of others.


Additional, current, scholarship information is available on the Phi Kappa Psi national website .

Color Specifics

 The current Phi Psi colors were officially adopted in 1920.

Cardinal Red gets its name from the cassocks worn by cardinals. (The family of birds takes its name from the color.) (On a computer, 0-to-255-normalized, decimal, RGB values of 186, 18, and 43 provide a good representation of Cardinal Red.)

Hunter Green  is a dark green that is a representation of the color worn by hunters in the 19th century. (On a computer, 0-to-255-normalized, decimal, RGB values of 79, 97 and 28 provide a good representation of Hunter Green.)

 (More information including examples are on a colors page on this site.)


The following Phi Psi yell was adopted in 1890. You will hear it a lot at chapter functions.

High!  High!  High!
Phi Kappa Psi!
Live ever;  Die Never;
Phi Kappa Psi!

An Early Builder of Phi Kappa Psi

Thomas Cochran Campbell is the man after the founders who most contributed to the fraternity's early development and distinctive character. He was the first initiate the year after Phi Kappa Psi was founded.  He was the son of a Presbyterian missionary to India who was born on the Indian Ocean and was sent back to Philadelphia at twelve years of age. He was slight but well built, about five feet six inches in height, olive complexion, very clear, with fine black hair and eyes.

Initiation into the mysteries of Phi Kappa Psi at the age of 17 was the most profound event in his life and was the most important event to the fraternity since its founding. He put in hundreds of hours of labor, and all correspondence, copying, etc. were exclusively in his hands. He drew up charters longhand and founded and edited the Mysticus Amicus, a paper devoted to chapter affairs. The first attempt to expand to other colleges was initiated by him. He would never recognize defeat or impossibility in anything that concerned the fraternity. After college he married and became a Presbyterian minister but died young at the age of 26.


Αλφαβήτα Ελληνικόσ  (Alphabeta Hellenickos)
(Greek Alphabet)

Here are the uppercase (capital, or majuscule) and lowercase (minuscule) symbols and names of the letters of the Greek alphabet, in Greek alphabetical order. The letter sigma has a second lowercase form (ς) used when the letter is in the final position in a word.

Symbols Name Symbols Name
Α  α  
Β  β  
Γ  γ  
Δ  δ 
Ε  ε  
Ζ  ζ  
Η  η 
Θ  θ  
Ι   ι    
Κ  κ  
Λ  λ 
Μ  μ 
Ν ν  
Ξ ξ  
Ο ο  
Π π  
Ρ ρ  
Σ σ ς
Τ τ  
Υ υ 
Φ φ
Χ χ 
Ψ ψ
Ω ω


Incidentally: The symbol phi (φ or Φ) is used in mathematics and the arts to represent the Golden Ratio, 1.61803+, which is the ratio between two numbers which have the same ratio of the larger to the smaller as their sum has to the larger number. The symbol psi (Ψ) is used in physics (quantum mechanics) to denote the wavefunction of a particle, a complex function which has a value everywhere in the universe.

In classical Greek only uppercase letters existed. The lowercase Greek letters were developed much later by medieval scribes to permit a faster cursive writing style with the use of ink and quill.

English Words Alumni, etc.

If you are uncertain about the words alumni, alumnus, and alumnae, then you are similar in this respect to most college freshmen. Here's the scoop:

alumnus : a man who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university. The plural is alumni, and can apply to men and women. (Formerly the terms applied only to graduates, not to someone who attended but did not graduate.)

alumna : a girl or woman who has attended or has graduated from a particular school, college, or university. The plural is alumnae

alum is an alumnus or an alumna. The plural is alums.

It is wrong to say "He is an alumni." It is correct to say, "He is an alumnus", "He is an alum", "They are alumni," or "They are alums."

Texas Hazing Law

Texas Education Code  prohibits hazing as defined in that law  [chapter 37, subchapter F (37.151-37.157)] in Texas public or private schools, and the Texas Education Code [51.936(d)] makes those provisions applicable to institutions of higher education.

Risk Management and Insurance

FRMT, Ltd. is a reinsurance company owned by 28 or more national college fraternities, including Phi Kappa Psi.

Phi Kappa Psi insurers are identified in the Phi Kappa Psi Insurance / Liability Certificate.

FIPG, Inc. , whose name is now considered to be an acronym for "Fraternal Information and Programming Group", is organized for the purpose of providing information on risk management issues. (It does not now nor has it ever sold or provided insurance coverage.) Phi Kappa Psi is a member of this organization. It is governed by the FIPG Bylaws and publishes a FIPG Risk Management Policy.


The red and black trim of the page are the school colors of Texas Tech University.

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This website was created and is maintained using only Microsoft FrontPage 2003 website editor and organizer. Some HTML code was edited by hand, notably for the installation of the Google-Analytics code.

Phi Kappa Psi - The Thinking Man's Fraternity

If you have read this far, you may be such a man.

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