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Officers, Brothers, & Pledges


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"...brothers united inseparable as one in our virtuous and honored order..."
Thomas Cochran Campbell, 1853)

  Phi Kappa Psi Texas Beta Chapter, Texas Tech University, Dec 2012


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50 of the brothers, December 2012

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TOP ROW (Left-to-right): Austin Nelson, Casey Woodman, Jake Selby, Chase Taylor Barlow, Brian Hutchins, David Yeary, Jordan Stevens, Sean Layer, Steven Daniel Brooker, Blake Steinford, Ryan Christopher Williams, Nathan Kirksey, Will Anderson, Cody Redfern, Robert Houston Rodriguez, Derek Fercher

MIDDLE ROW: Michael Greene, Jacob Eassa, Carson Bernard, Justin Vallilee, Bo Schuh, Mark Engelhardt, Paul Brian Williams, Kyle Ellison, Steven A. Mathewson, Garrett Klein, René Campos, Joey Dupont, Bassel Nassar, Dylan Beauregard, Drew Carmichael, Luke Thomas Manimala, Freddy Rondon Almeida, Lucas P. Courtney, Cory Wallace

FRONT ROW (Seated): Diego Trevino, Cameron Smith, Ozzy Amaya, Trevor Harris, Arturo Gutierrez, Cade Hord, Brian Hannan, Joshua Tate Kouser, JP Harris, Michael Engelhardt, Matthew Lessard, Cole Vilhauer, Michael Gil, Adam Krell, Brady C. Duncum

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Texas Beta Chapter Officers 2013 Spring Semester

As a brother in Phi Kappa Psi you will have many chapter leadership and involvement opportunities available.

Office Brother
President (GP):        Jordan Stevens
Vice-President (VGP):        David Yeary
Treasurer (P):        Cade Hord
Corresponding Secretary (AG):         Matthew Lessard
Recording Secretary (BG):        Luke Manimala
Historian (SG):        Adam Krell
Chaplain (Hi):        Andrew Ureta
Sergeant At Arms (Phu):        Lucas Courtney
Messenger (Hod):        Stephen Schrink

Texas Beta Committees  2013 Spring Semester



Pledge Education:    Blake Steinford
Membership:    Carter Musselman
Social:    Michel Gil
Alumni & Public Relations:   
Philanthropy:    Mark Nelson
Risk Management:   Nicholas Parikakis
Computer Operations:    
RaiderGate / Gameday:     


Active Brothers 2013 Spring
(Grouped by Pledge Class
Initiation Dates)

Phi Kappa Psi badge


Member Badge

First Name Last Name Roll Number
Oct 2008

Whitney Behr 941
Jan 2010

Derek Fercher 959
Jeffrey Harris 961
Chase Barlow 965
Steven Brooker 968
Daniel Conovaloff 971
Mark Engelhardt 973
Blake Steinford 983
Paul Williams 984
Sep 2010

Richard Sands 986
Trevor Harris 988
Garrett Klein 990
Ryan Williams 991
Nicholas Parikakis 993
Mar 2011

Christian Engelbaum 994
Jordan Stevens 996
Matthew Lessard 997
Nov 2011

Carter Musselman 998
Christian Ellison 999
Nathan Kirksey 1000
David Yeary 1001
Cole Vilhauer 1002
Matthew Hannan 1003
Michael Engelhardt 1005
Brian Hutchins 1006
Oswaldo Amaya 1008
Feb 2012

Cory Wallace 1011
Jake Selby 0
Justin Vallilee 0
Bowden Schuh 1012
Cody Redfern 1013
Cameron Smith 1014
Adam Krell 1015
Lucas Courtney 1016
Michel Gil 1017
Stephan Schrink 1018
Andrew Carmichael 1019
Casey Woodman 1020
Dylan Beauregard 1021
Mark Nelson 1022
Jacob Eassa 1023
Carsen Bernard 1024
Luke Manimala 1025
Robert Rodriquez 1026
William Anderson 1028
Ryan Duren 1027
Feb 2013

Michael Guaman 0
Pearce Lentz 0
Ryan Ruff 0
Cade Hord 1029


     Texas Beta has greater member activity than most fraternity chapters, and in joining it one commits to active participation throughout the college years.

     (However, should a brother be unable to meet his chapter obligations, such as because of unusual academic or financial challenges, the chapter may, excuse a brother from obligations for a period. He may not vote or engage in any chapter social activities ... as long as he is excused. Similar relief can be provided for brothers who have completed four years of college, such as graduate students, but the chapter may allow them to participate fully. [PKP Bylaws A1 S2 C3])


Brothers In Arms


In The U. S. Armed Forces

Hunter Schmidt - Kerrville TX -  Engr - 917 = in U. S. Marines
Kyle Brett Smith - Lubbock TX - BA - 938 = in U. S. Marines
Lt. Matthew Smith = in U. S. Marines



Phi Kappa Psi pledge pin
Pledge Pin



     2013-2014 Academic Term Pledges


(Terminations will not be indicated here; they will be reflected in the initiate list.)

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