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For more information about Phi Kappa Psi at Texas Tech, or just to let us know that you are interested in membership, call or email

     Jordan Stevens, President: 
     Carter Musselman, Membership Chairman:

Please include as much of the following information as convenient in your email. (Copy and paste of the form usually works.) We well get in contact with you.

Phi Psi Membership Inquiry / Information Request

NAME    First:_____________________     Last: ___________________



MAILING ADDRESS:  Street &  number _____________________

                                   City: _____________________

                                  State: __ ZIP Code: ______

PHONES   Home: _____________    Cell:_________________  

E-MAIL: ________________________

FACEBOOK PAGE NAME ;__________________

NSO:  Date of new student orientation you will attend, if any:___________

TEXAS TECH STUDIES College: ______________________

               Major subject, if known: ________________________

ΦΚΨ LEGACY STATUS, IF ANY  Was your father, brother, grandfather, or uncle a member of Phi Psi? _______

      That relative's name, and his university if known: ________________

INTERESTS, ACTIVITIES, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and/or AMBITIONS you want to tell us about, if any:



COMMENTS or questions, if any:


Phi Kappa Psi TX Beta,1406 Orlando Ave, Lubbock TX 79416  Contact