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Personal Development  and Advisors


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Personal Development  | Advisors


Academic Encouragement
 and Help

Our chapter is outstanding scholastically. Scholastic emphasis has been a hallmark of  the Texas Beta chapter since it was founded. We know what we are here for.  We have had a number of 4.0 GPA graduates. One of our graduates, John Walker, is a member of the Texas Tech Board of Regents. 

We have some successful methods to help scholarship:

  • Pledging capable, studious, men who are serious about their education and career. They set the right group environment.

  • Phi Kappa Psi Texas Beta chapter libraryProviding a library and computer lab  that is  convenient, well equipped, and quiet. (One fourth of our lodge is devoted to this.) Thanks to alumni donations we have a comfortable area with Wi-Fi network printer and  Internet access. (We sometimes make this nice facility available for civic use, such as Tech Inter-fraternity Council meetings.)

Zack Kreneck graduation 2009Emphasizing scholarship-by our Scholarship Committee, Pledge Educator, advisors, and alumni. Alumni frequently inquire about the chapter's scholastic standing.

  • Having pledge study halls which pledges are required to attend a certain number of hours per week.

  • Keeping in check non-academic demands. Our  pledgeship  interferes less with studies that that of many fraternities. We reserve adequate time for study when we decide what parties to have, whether to build a float, etc.

  • Having advisors and other alumni who are willing to help.

Leadership Experience and Training

You can lean useful skills in Phi Psi outside of the classroom (in addition to "how to get along with people" skills). The officers of the chapter manage significant amount of  property, make and manage budgets, recruit personnel, train, use technology, schedule and oversee projects, participate in meetings, organize and make presentations, etc. Many alumni who have had long careers report that their undergraduate fraternity experiences were useful in those careers.

Undergraduate control is a feature of Phi Kappa Psi that is unique among fraternities and provides more responsibility and experience. Six undergraduate elected representatives, called Archons, make up a majority of the members of the Executive Council of the fraternity. Presently one Deputy Archon is from our chapter. We include two chapter officers on our local house corporation Board of Directors.

You can get  Leadership training and meet brothers from across the county  at sessions that Phi Psi holds for chapter officers and others.  These are held at central locations, such as at our national headquarters, and the interaction with men from other chapters is valuable. Notable events are

  • President's Leadership Academy (PLA) for chapter presidents and others.

  • Fraternity Educator's Leadership Academy (FELA) for pledge trainers and other.

  • Woodrow Wilson Leadership School (WWLS) for elected chapter delegates.

You can have helpful discussions with industry leaders, leaders from other Phi Psi chapters, and hear acclaimed, dynamic, speakers at the  American Leadership Academy (whose website link is found on the links page at the end of this site in the Cabo section). Topics include Personal Development, Interpersonal Relations,  Team Dynamics, Planning Your Professional Future, Negotiation, Global Perspective, etc. Yes, these may seem like sessions that you ought to attend  but don't want to bother with, until you realize that they are held in the beautiful, fun, Cabo San Lucas area of Mexico. Brothers from other chapters will also be there. Some social aspects of this trip are described and pictured elsewhere on this website.

Tutoring and Mentoring

Walter Huffman, David Jones, Judge Sam Cummings, H. A. Sessions, Ryan Matthews at Lubock ClubHelp and advice on studies is available  from the chapter advisors and other alumni in addition to from other brothers. Our Chapter Advisors make it a point to get acquainted with the men of each new pledge class and stand ready to advise them on their college careers.

     Other alumni offer you information, advice, and support in their fields of expertise. The photo shows such a situation, in which a young chapter member who was considering law school is meeting with Texas Beta alumni- TTU Law School Dean Walter Huffman; David Jones;  Federal District Judge Sam Cummings;  and Lubbock real estate developer H. A. Sessions.


Walter HuffmanGeneral Walter Burl Huffman, J. D., Dean Emeritus of the Texas Tech School of Law, W. Frank Newton Professor of Law, and Major General U.S. Army (retired),  is our Faculty Sponsor. He is the former Adjutant General of the Army and former pledge trainer and president of the chapter.

Daniel HorschDaniel Horsch, a Texas Beta Chapter alumnus who now works in marketing at at the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) is our Chapter Advisor. He is an El Paso native and expert soccer player.

David A. JonesDavid Arthur Jones (BA, BSEE, MBA), retired Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon Company who lives in the Dallas area, is an Assistant Chapter Advisor, and a director of the Texas Beta House Corporation. He was a Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon where he designed defense systems, and previously he was a Lieutenant in the U. S. Army. He is a past president of this chapter, 

Phi Kappa Psi TX Beta,1406 Orlando Ave, Lubbock TX 79416  Contact

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