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After Graduation  


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The Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity experience continues after graduation from college.  The fraternity benefits, pleasures, and duties continue throughout your life.

"Continuing friendship-- until death", is one of our our mottos which is part of our closing song, Amici (which was informally adopted about 1865). Amici lyrics are:


Our strong band can ne'er be broken
Formed in ole Phi Psi
Far surpassing wealth unspoken
Sealed by friendship's tie

        Amici, usque ad aras
        ("Friendship, ongoing until death")
        Deep graven on each heart
        Shall be found unwav'ring true
        When we from life shall part

College life at best is passing
Gliding swiftly by
Let us pledge in word and action
Love for old Phi Psi

When we sing our life's last measure
Sweetest then shall be
Strains recalling every treasure
Of fraternity

Maintaining Friendships

The friendships you form in the fraternity are the ones most likely to last your lifetime. It is highly likely that someone in your pledge class will be the best man at your wedding.

Some features of the the fraternity, such as an address database, newsletters, location maps, and mutual friends facilitate your keeping in contact with your buddies. A computer social network, Phi Psi Connect, is available.

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity formal  wedding party. Texas Tech Phi Kappa Psi alumni.

A recent Texas Beta graduate is joined by his fraternity brothers at his wedding.

Seven Texas Beta graduates who have maintained their friendship for 40+ years.

Widening Friendships

As you move to new locations your fraternity affiliation will help you build friendships with outstanding men with common interests from other chapters and/or other eras.

Phi Psi alumni associations and clubs in cities across the United States provide activities for Phi Psis in their area, no matter from what chapter.

Phi Kappa Psi alumni association banquet in Plano TX.

Participants at an Alumni Association banquet in Plano, Texas, 2008.

Enjoying Friendships

Phi Psis headed to the beach in Cabo.

Some Texas Beta brothers in Mexico.

As a Texas Beta brother you will have opportunities for fun after graduation that you would not otherwise have.

It has been common for groups of Texas Beta brothers to hold reunions in Dallas or other metropolitan areas; to have retreats in Mexico; to organize fishing, skiing, or golf trips; and to organize social events at Texas Tech Homecoming.

Phi Psis promise to assist one another in any way honorably possible throughout life, and you likely will receive help and advice from your brothers throughout your life.

Bringing Others Into The Fraternity

Your sons, brothers, nephews, and cousins will be given special attention and consideration for membership in the fraternity because of their legacy status.

Your help in organizing and supporting recruitment efforts can be useful and appreciated.

Supporting and Guiding the Chapter and the National Organization

You will be a part of an alumni group that is preeminent in the fraternity world for its support of its fraternity. The Phi Kappa Psi Foundation, which provides scholarships and makes loans, has the largest such fund of any American college fraternity.

Many Phi Psi alumni get satisfaction from making financial contributions to the chapter and/or fraternity at a time in their life when they have more disposable income than they did when a college student, thereby helping to insure the continued superiority of the chapter.

Phi Kappa Psi alumni and wives at party at Crescent Club in Dallas.

Reception at the Crescent Club in Dallas hosted by the Phi Psi Foundation, 2008.

One of your pleasures will be to meet, mentor, and support new initiates who are starting their college experience.  The chapter elects one or more alumni chapter advisors who pass on their experience to the current chapter officers and chairmen.

Texas Beta at 2004 GAC.

Five Texas Beta alumni and two Texas Beta undergraduates "Guns up!" at the 2004 GAC.

After college you have the opportunity to continue participation in the governance of the fraternity. 

For examples, by participation in the chapter house corporation and/or by attending fraternity national conventions, the "Grand Arch Councils" (GACs), held in even years. Although the undergraduates of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, unlike other fraternities, have majority control, the alumni have a vote, generally serve as the officers and trustees, and provide advice and guidance via service on committees as well as participation in the plenary sessions.

The GACs have plenty of enjoyable social events as well as business meetings. The last two GACs were in San Diego and New Orleans.

Phi Kappa Psi TX Beta,1406 Orlando Ave, Lubbock TX 79416  Contact

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