PHI Kappa psi
The brothers of Phi Kappa Psi are excited about this Spring semester.  “Phi Psi” is a growing fraternity, supported by a strong active membership,  with a lodge on Greek Circle 2.  We are a close-knit group of brothers dedicated to honor and excellence.  Phi Psi is looking for men who are above average in leadership, athleticism, scholarship, personality, or have exceptional determination and interest, and who are of good character, compatible, maintain good grades, and meet their financial obligations.  As we continue to get closer to our membership goals, our selection process is becoming increasingly demanding.  Deciding to pledge a fraternity is one of the best and most important decisions a student makes early in his college career.  If you think you have what it takes to pledge Phi Kappa Psi, let us know.  We’re looking forward to seeing you this rush.
Welcome Phi Kappa Psi lodge located at 1406 Orlando Ave on Greek Circle 2
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